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Delaware Sports Support

1- In exchange for promotion on this site, have someone from your company, or you, submit an article of local sports interest to the site at least once every two weeks. For that submission you will be able to include a 15-second video commercial which we will place in certain highlight packages on this site and/or inclusion of your company logo with links to your business sites on the page with the article submitted. We are trying to limit ad size to 15 seconds since 30 second ads are just too long these days.

2- Sponsor a writer. We are recruiting local sports writers of all kinds from all over the state. We wish to stock our pages with student writers and give them an opportunity to write for a little bit of money.
Writers will have a weekly article (with the exception of those who are writing to earn promotion for their company.) 
The fee is $50 for each week. Company can run a video ad along with the inclusion of the company logo with link to the business website. Example of how they will be titled:  First State Hypnosis presents Joe Smith. Half of the fee will go to the writer. If you pay an additional fee, for example $75, the rest will go to the writer.

3- General promotion of your company with any existing video ads for inclusion are priced individually based on a variety of ways to include ads.
Every highlight package is archived so ads will run until such time as agreement is completed.
- Fee per view. The first 25 views of every highlight package are fee. After 25 views, a certain fee per view is arranged up to whatever monthly budget is agreed. Views are counted on the YouTube page which hosts the highlight.
- Negotiated number of highlight package inclusions tailored to your budget.

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