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-Our two Facebook pages - Delaware Sports and My Sports Reports.
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THIS is the original Delawaresports.com.
Originally built in 1995 it preceded EVERY
local sports website including EVERY major media site in our state and in most of the region.

Our live streamed (and archived) videos of local sports coverage with our original host, Marshal Manlove, can be found mainly seen on our Facebook page at Delaware Sports and our new page at My Sports Reports.

Our new YouTube channel is My Sports Reports. Reach us via email there at mysportsreports@gmail.com

On Rumble.com find us at MySportsReports
On Twitch.tv find us at MySportsReport

Send stories, or achievements of interest to us, along with any photos or videos, to mysportsreports.com.

Want to join the crew? Write to desports@verizon.net



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