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Can We Do It?

I am cautiously optimistic that Delaware Sports will again be a media outlet covering local sports here in Delaware.

Since the time when I shut down the TV show on our local channel, every year I’ve been trying to relaunch in some way. The simple fact was that there was a lack of motivated people willing to join me. Plenty of unmotivated people, for sure, but none like those who had worked with me in the past.

“The Most Dangerous Man in Delaware,” Mr. Dee Meyer

will join me once again along with a few hard-working, talented men in Kevin Meinhaldt, Jake Hunter, and Bobby Ferguson (if he stays at Wilmington U., at least.)

This group is great to begin the slow relaunch over the summer. Again, we will cover local sports like no one ever has here in Delaware. (At least that is the goal…not tryin to jinx anything here.)

The luxuries we have now, as opposed to when we were on broadcast television, are that we can become larger than we were before in a much shorter time; our work can be archived, we don’t have deadlines, and our highlight packages can be much tighter than in the past.

That last item might need explanation. When we had to produce a full-length TV show and planned to cover, say, 3 games in a week to include in one, if there weren’t a great deal of highlights, we had to stretch what we had to make it fit. Therefore some material in the highlights of a game were such that in this new format they simply wouldn’t make the cut. This makes for more exciting, and shorter, highlight reels.

We know that since everyone has a video camera on their phones and social media sites which broadcast real-time scores, news, and video, that we are jumping back in at a time where we can’t scoop the local paper or radio station. That doesn’t matter at all. There is so much out there to cover, so many people, so many events, and so many stories that no one can reach them all.

Besides, remember why we grew into a large and popular place to visit anyway...well, I’m not giving away any secrets here.

My role in this relaunch is more about providing opportunities for other people to enjoy what I was able to enjoy for many years. I’ll work more behind the scenes to strategize. I do have 3 other jobs, after all.

I am looking for people to join us, as I always have. It would be great to have some motivated and talented young writers from every school in the state to chronicle their schools events and athletes that we miss. Anyone who wants to work on sports highlight packages can join us…that includes videographers, editors, writers, and on-air reporters.

Equally as important, we are looking for support from the business community. In this environment there are many more people to reach with your messages than in the past on our TV show. Please consider supporting what we do with your promotions. Those who have skills as salespeople, please reach out to me also. There is money to be made for you.

We look forward to meeting more people and making more life-long friends and acquaintances at Delaware Sports. Reach us at any time.

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