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February 26, 2022 - State Wrestling Championships - Day One

Below are the bracket results from the first two rounds of the DIAA Individual Wrestling Championships.

2 pins - Gavin Mundy, DMA; Cameron Davis, Salesianum; Gabe Giampietro, Smy; Marcello Iaonnoni, CA; Luke Poore, CA; Jack Thode, Mil; Danny Sinclair, WP; Mikey Frederick, CH; Carson Kist, Sals; Avery Copes, Mil; Charles Fritchman, CH; Tim Edingen, Hod; Brock Conner, CR; Hayden Moaney, DMA; Matthew Duarte, CA; Shamar Nelson, CR; Kael Howell, Smy; Tyler August, DMA

Fastest pins - Tommy Murray, WP - .13; Tyler August, DMA - .13

Team scores after day 1


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