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Special Achievement

Lions Mendick Reaches Milestone

Delaware Sports

Sep 30, 2021

Red Lion Christian Senior Volleyball setter, Regan Mendick, notched her 2000th career assist in a match against the Wilmington Charter School on this evening. Delaware High School Volleyball teams play a very short schedule during their Fall season made a bit shorter because of the pandemic from a year ago. Mendick still joins an elite list of student athletes who have reached this milestone. Statistics have traditionally been difficult to chronicle at the high school level in a consistent manner over the decades. It is believed that the national record holder for assists at the high school level is: National Record: 6,102 - Chelsea Wintzinger, Huntsville (Ala.) 2006-09 Unofficial Record: 7,655 - Wintzinger, 2004-09 Notes: Alabama teams do play a high number of matches each year. Wintzinger's recognized national record is nearly 340 assists greater than the next closest player on the list. Add in her additional 1,553 assists during her seventh and eighth grade seasons and her unofficial record is roughly 2,000 assists more than No. 2.


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