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2023 All Blue Hen Flight B Baseball Teams

First Team Pitcher - Jackson LaPerle - Junior - Concord

Jackson LaPerle is our #1 pitcher and top pitcher in Flight B the past two years. He had a 4-1 record, but had 3-no decisions. Jackson struck out 48-batters in his 39-innings pitched. Jackson is a two time conference Player of the Year

First Team Pitcher - Matt McGill - Junior - Brandywine

Second Team Pitcher - Ryan Kane - Junior - Odessa

Second Team Pitcher - Julius Ramos - Sophomore - AI duPont

First Team Catcher - Adam Ferguson - Sophomore - Concord

Adam Ferguson has held us in games through his defensive play. As a sophomore Adam threw out 14-26 potential base runners. Adam hit fifth in our line-up, adding 13-RBI’s, 12-BB, and 5-SF’s.

Second Team Catcher - Brett Vitsorek - Sophomore - Odessa

First Team First Base - Jermaine Miller - Senior - AI duPont Hit .450 for the 2023 season.

Second Team First Base - Ryan Kane - Junior - Odessa

First Team Second Base - Jack Pope - Junior - Concord

Jack Pope is a two time first team all-conference selection. Jack had 14 RBI’s and 15 runs scored to help the Raiders to 13-victories this season. Jack played a solid defense, making only 2-errors this season. He was second on the team in batting average. Jack was selected 2nd team All-State this season.

Second Team Second Base - Luke Trzeciakiewicz - Freshman - Dickinson

Honorable Mention Second Base - Jason Ortiz - Freshman - AI duPont

First Team Third Base - Mackenzie Keating - Junior - Odessa

Second Team Third Base - Ryan DePasquale - Sophomore - Brandywine

First Team Shortstop - Andrew Firko - Junior - Concord

Andrew Firko was a Player of the Year candidate this season for Flight B, he is a two-time 1st Team All Flight B selection at SS as well as being selected as a second team 3rd Base- All Flight A in 2021. He is an above average defender at shortstop through his exceptional range and ability to get to the ball. Andrew was our leadoff hitter, he stole 25-26 bases, 27-hits, 20-runs scored while only striking out 2-times all season. Andrew was selected 1st Team All-State this season.

Second Team Shortstop - JC Alley - Junior - Odessa

HM Shortstop - Jederson Sanchez - Senior - McKean

First Team Outfield - Jackson LaPerle - Junior - Concord

Jackson LaPerle has been selected Player of the Year the past two seasons in Flight B. He is our main threat in the line-up producing 30-hits, 29-RBI’s, 6-extra base hits (4-triples), and went 10-10 on stolen bases. He is an exceptional outfielder who runs well and covers the entire outfield. He has a great arm strength to limit extra bases. Jackson was named 1st Team All-State in the outfield

First Team Outfield - Colin Pie - Senior - Concord

Colin Pie’ is a three time 1st Team all-conference selection (twice in Flight B and once in Flight A) and 2021 All-State HM selection as a utility player. After coming back from a football shoulder injury that limited some of his offense last year, he regained his offense status to where he was in 2021. Colin hits second in our line-up, hitting .426, stole 22-23 bases, 26-runs scored, six extra base hits (4-doubles and 2-triples) and added 15-RBI’s.

First Team Outfield - Will Jones - Senior - Brandywine

WC Outfield - Micah Evans - Junior - Odessa

Second Team Outfield - Jason Timpson - Sophomore - Odessa

Second Team Outfield - Charlie Lynch - Senior - Concord

Charlie Lynch was selected second team all-conference this season as an outfielder after being named first team all-conference as a DH in 2022. Charlie hit 6th in the line up for the majority of the season and provided consistent offensive and defensive play. Charlie finished the season with a .326 batting average and had 14-runs to match his 14- RBI’s.

Second Team Outfield - Ramon Sanchez - Senior - McKean

HM Outfield - Cameron Crowe - Sophomore - Odessa

HM Outfield - Nick Salyer - Senior - Brandywine

HM Outfield - Alec "AJ" Nieves - Senior - Dickinson

First Team Utility - Kevin Barrow - Senior - Concord

Kevin Barrow is a two time 1st team all-conference selection .Kevin was a true utility this season playing: 2nd B, 3rd B, SS, catcher and pitcher. Kevin was the Raiders #2 pitcher and went 5-0 with 22.2-innings pitched. Kevin made a big impact on the team as the clean-up hitter. Kevin hit .415, 22-hits, 23-RBI’s, and scored 18-runs.

Second Team Utility - Michael Biondolillo - Sophomore - Odessa

HM Utility - Aidan Kee - Junior - Brandywine

Coach of the Year - Tony Marenco - Odessa Assistant Coach of the Year - Kyle Rodley - Brandywine Player of the Year - Jackson LaPerle - Concord

Concord photos by Joe Zumar Photography


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