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May 21, 2023

Ryan Baker

Kyle Davenport

Yougendy Mauricette

Vincent Grillo

Brynn Crandell

Sophia Holgado

Division 2 State Meet Record. Old record by Tatnall in 2008 was 9:25.52

Jordan Blanck, Mallory Holloway, Karen Tanner, and Alyssa Napier

Overall State Meet Record. .25 off of the All-time State Record of 19-8.75 by Kayla Woods from Tatnall in 2018.

Division 1 State Meet Record

Jasyn Truitt

Danni McGonigle

Kevon Moore-Briddell

Cole Brickman

Kennedy Smith

Timothy Wright

Odessa 4x200 Daniel Kissi, Jordan Hollis, Kasai Truitt, and Anai Burney-Green

Katie Payne

Bella Walsh

Bishop Lane

Ethan Walther

Mary Flanigan

Jazonte Levan

Four Individual Golds for Balon 100, 200, 400 and LJ

Julian Balon

Alyssa Napier, Jordan Blanck, Karen Tanner, Erin Glanz

Donte Dockery

Brooke Duke

Garbielle Paolella

Matt Miller

Ian Cain

Jaheim Cole

Reagan Garibaldi

Padua Pandas - 2023 State Track & Field Champions

AI duPont - 2023 Track & Field Champions


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